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Genesis Business Relationships

What is the Genesis-Arise Relationship?

Genesis subscribes to the Arise platform in order to hire Agents and deliver call center services from their homes; Arise does not offer employment opportunities. Genesis and its Agents are not employees, agents, or legal representatives of Arise.

Genesis is a third-party company that provides call center services to various large companies through the Arise platform. Arise has no control over the operation of Genesis.

What is the Genesis Agent-Arise Relationship?

Genesis Agents do not have a formal relationship with Arise. Agents are direct Independent Employees of Genesis Business Solutions, LLC. Genesis Agents utilize the Arise platform, funded by Genesis, in order to provide call center services to various clients on behalf of the Company.

What is the Role of my Performance Facilitator (PF)?

The PF is a third-party representative that assists other call centers and their Agents to work more effectively by providing guidance, direction, and tips on a requested basis. They are a feature of the Arise Platform subscription.

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