Welcome to Team "GG" - Good Game! (Welcome Letter)

I hope you're ready to be a part of Team “GG” and achieve Excellence!

About Me.

Hi, I'm LaDarius and captain of Team “GG”. I am from the hospitality state – Mississippi – where I still reside. For my self-care, I’m a huge competitive gamer, enjoy watching anime, and working on music as a saxophonist. The flexibility I receive through Genesis allows me to balance work with the things I enjoy most.

I came to Genesis in March of 2020 after leaving a dead-in retail job. Since, I have been servicing Comcast and love the program. Although it can be challenging, I have learned my strengths and always seek ways to help other Agents excel. And as a Genesis Agent, I am proud to be part of an amazing Team.

We are Team “GG” because in the gaming world it means “Good Game” and is an internationally known sign of good sportsmanship. I want us to work together and be competitive in this workplace environment by delivering top-tier professional services. Competitive Team members are reliable, dedicated, and work hard to contribute toward collective goals.

I will help you achieve your goals by guiding you to keep your metrics in good standing so that we can have the highest scores on the scoreboard. I will use my knowledge and experience from servicing to push you to get great numbers, maximize your flexibility, and win. We must treat the Call Center as a Competitive Client Service Arena and be the ones who come out on top for our Team. With my expertise, I will lead you to be the best Agent you can be!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle