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Contract Fees


Your Agent Invoice may annotate a Master Service Agreement (MSA), Client Service Agreement (CSA) Early Termination Fee, Non-Compete Agreement Violation Fee (NCA), and/or a No Show Fee.  


  • The stipulations for Early Termination Fees are outlined in your signed MSA between pages 24 – 26 (approximately) and every signed CSA between pages 15 – 18 (approximately).  


  • The stipulations for the Non-Compete Agreement Fee is outlined in your signed MSA between pages 20 – 22 (approximately).  


  • The stipulations for No Show Fees are outlined in each of your CSAs between page 5 (approximately).  


Each of these documents are located in your Agent Folder, providing you 24/7 access.  You can watch the video below for instructions on how to access your Agent Folder.


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