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More choices and endless possibilities.

You’re smart, motivated and organized. But you want more flexibility in the way you make a living. You’re tired of having to choose between work and living your life. You want more. So did over 10,000 other Agents across our industry workspace.


Having a rewarding career isn’t limited to a typical 9-5 in the office. You can still succeed from a more enjoyable environment. In fact, according to Shakespeare “people usually are the happiest at home.”


We offer great remote jobs helping others through customer care with advancement opportunities. Join our Team of Agents across America who accept inbound calls routed to their remote workstations. They are professional, successful, and grow with our company. Our jobs are great for those looking for a more flexible solution to their lifestyle. Working for Genesis means no commutes, more time with family and friends, and a stable career doing meaningful work from anywhere in the country.


What We Offer

Opportunity & Growth.

Our positions are exciting opportunities to help others through customer service.


As a Team Member, we offer you: 

  • Commission

  • Paid Training

  • Paid Time-Off

  • Vacation Benefits

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Advancement Opportunities

  • Supportive Workplace Environment

  • Wellness Program (includes Fitness Shop)

  • Healthcare Options (Telehealth, Dental, & Vision)

Workstation Requirements

Professionally Equipped

  • Laptop/Desktop Requirements:

    • Speed: Intel i-class (i5+ or equivalent)

    • Hard Drive: 60+ GB usable memory or higher

    • RAM: 8+ GB or higher

    • Operating System: Windows 11+

Note: (1) All-in-One Computers, Dual Boot Machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are not qualified. (2) A Desktop/Laptop with a Separate Monitor is recommended.

  • Phone Service Requirement Options:​

    • Landline

    • VoIP Phone Line​ | Digital Phone Service

Note: (1) Cell Phones and Soft Phones such as MagicJack or Vonage are not qualified.

(2) Call Center Dialpad & Headset provided.

  • Internet Requirements:​

    • Download Speed: 100 mbps or higher​

    • Upload Speed: 20 mbps or higher

Note: (1) Wireless connections are not allowed for security and quality assurance. A Hard-Wired Connection from Desktop/Laptop to Router/Modem with an Ethernet Cable is required. (2) Satellite, Microwave, and Cellular Hotspot Internet Services are not qualified.


Are You Right for Us?

Committed to Excellent Service.

Our positions are flexible, exciting, and rewarding, but they’re not designed for everyone. Our clients are leaders within their industries and demand nothing but the best for their customers - we are determined to deliver just that. We expect each of our Agents to uphold the highest standards in professional work ethic so that our Team can meet client expectations.


Here’s how you know if you are right for our positions:


  • You’re self-disciplined, organized, and reliable. Our Agents are mostly autonomous. They build their own schedules around their lifestyles while also meeting their minimum work requirements with little supervision.


  • You’re empathetic and enjoy helping people. Customers contact our clients because they need something, whether a product or service. Typically, that need is accompanied with a problem that the customer expects our Agents to resolve through positive interaction.


  • You’re committed to learning new skills. Our industry leading clients have customer care standards that carry their brands’ reputation nationwide. In order to professionally meet their standards, all of our Agents must be available for a 2-5 week online training course that lasts about 2-4 hours each weekday. These courses are held during fixed time slots and taught by a live instructor to provide the highest quality instruction.

  • You’re looking for growth opportunities, not just a job. We’re proud to offer more than stable jobs to our Agents for providing quality customer care solutions to our clients, but also Flexible Careers that allow our Team members to grow with us.

  • You’re available to begin immediately. Our clients understand the impact that our Agents make for their brands. So, their demand for our customer care solutions continue to increase. Our Agents must be prepared to start immediately to help meet that growing demand.

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