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Why Genesis as a Career?

People are interested in Genesis for the flexibility & our exclusive work-from-home perks. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in a career that adapts to their kinetic lifestyle instead of the other way around?

Max Schedule Control = Max Work-Life Balance

We rely on the responsibility of our certified Agents to make their own schedule to meet the needs of our industry leading clients, safely from home. Think about what you would do with this type of work-life freedom.

Right now, there are Agents across the United States that are taking advantage of this experience.

They aren’t choosing between safety, work, and family; trying to social distance as a function of a monotonous day-to-day work regimen in this new reality. Instead, they make their own schedule for inbound calls routed directly to their home office.

Their lives are influenced by a performance based model that allows them to determine their own earnings potential by working as much or as little as they like, when they like. They are benefiting from earned monetary incentives that range from simply working a minimum number of hours to exceeding their servicing expectations and advancement opportunities.

These Agents are career changers, military spouses and veterans, students, and common people alike that are making the best of their lifestyle needs.

Competitive Telecommute Perks

Making your own schedule is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Genesis position. We take pride in taking care of our Agents by offering great perks to our entire Team. From Paid-Time Off to Retirement Resource Options, our goal is to make it easy for any qualified applicant to transition into a fully integrated work-from-home environment through our national call center.

Here's a sample of how our Agents benefit from home:

  • Insurance Policy Options: Just because you work-from-home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice "peace of mind," so we ensure our Agents have choices to be prepared for Life's unexpected mishaps.

  • Paid-Time Off Program: We're committed to the Work-Life Balance of our Team, so much so that we offer each of them the opportunity to accrue paid vacation time.

  • Vacation Benefits: What good is PTO with no place to go? So, we've invested in affordable, quality vacation packages through our partnership with Westgate Resorts and extend those offerings to our Team.

  • Flexible Healthcare: We care about our Team's well-being, so we offer quality healthcare access that's convenient and benefits the entire family. Our plan even includes a prescription coverage.

  • Quality Training: Our internationally known clients demand top tier customer care on behalf of their brands. To deliver, we invest in a supportive virtual environment for all our Agents to learn their protocols while offering pay for their time.

  • Paid Training Program: Our Team of Agents remain our #1 Asset. That's why we invest in them for learning and applying the skills necessary to provide top-tier call center services for our clients.

  • Advancement: As we grow, we recruit from within to help manage our call center service delivery. Therefore, our Team Members start as Agents and use their experiences combined with professional development to take on higher positions within the company - all from home.

  • Retirement Program: We care about the future of our Team Members, so we offer Investment Specialists to assist our Agents in taking advantage of our corporate preferred retirement savings tool. Our program leverages contribution benefits that are unique to Genesis Agents.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our website to learn more about the services our Agents deliver and how you can join an At-Home Workforce that provides much more than a standard “nine to five.”

Discover a Flexible Career that provides endless possibilities through a work-life balanced experience. Take control of your work situation and Join the Genesis Team!

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