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Shannon Wiggins

Founder & CEO

Genesis Call Center was founded out of necessity and built on hard work, integrity, and a willingness to take a chance.  After marrying a Soldier and following him out-of-state to his duty station, I had a difficult time finding work for over three years.  With the economy in a slump and Companies shying away from hiring someone that will move at any given moment, I needed to find a solution that was "Outside the Box."  Finally, in 2012, a friend told me about a Company that could help me earn good money while working-from-home.  The opportunity was ideal for my lifestyle as a Military Spouse and provided me a reliable job with tremendous flexibility.


As the founder of Genesis Call Center, I want to extend credible work opportunities to you that adapt to practically any situation.  I understand the frustration of experiencing a never-ending job search due to uncontrollable circumstances.  That is why I founded Genesis, to share with you the true work from home solution that helped me when I needed a job most.


Genesis can help you find balance between your work and life.  If you want to be self-reliant and have a stable job with the flexibility to make your own schedule, then Genesis is the place for you.

Shannon in the Media

Shannon founded Genesis with the goal of extending Flexible Career opportunities to others within the customer care industry.

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