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Take control of your schedule

Most people dream of being in charge of their day, but for our Telecommute Professionals - it’s a reality. Why not make it yours?

Genesis is a virtually based call center that provides high quality, scalable customer care to some of the nation’s most exciting brands. With so much going on, that's more important than ever! These renowned companies trust and rely on our call center Agents to represent their products and services across multiple industries through omni-channel communication platforms; from ordering home improvement items to dispatching emergency roadside assistance. Regardless of the demand, our Agents are prepared to answer the call.

But there’s more to a Genesis Career than meaningful work - not that there’s anything wrong with that!

We rely on very responsible individuals to manage their own schedules to meet consumer demand. Our call center operates on a minimum work-per-week obligation system, so our Agents are free to contribute customer care solutions when it’s most convenient for them. They can customize their work hours to meet the needs of their personal and family lifestyles.

Genesis leverages a highly advanced cloud-based system to connect our Agents directly to customers, safely from home. This allows them to scale their work schedules as much or as little above their minimum obligations as they like.

Each week, they log into the network platform from a computer or app to set their schedule in 30-minute increments. We offer maximum flexibility because the minimum work obligation is typically 15 hours per week, but they can work as many above that as they like.

As an Agent's time to work approaches, they log into their call center home office and go to work. And, if something unexpected comes up, they have multiple options to modify their schedules to accommodate the situation from anywhere. Beat that traditional brick-and-mortar job!

In the end, our Agents have more control over their income while still able to socially distance, never pay high commuting bills, spend more time parenting or fun hobbies, take care of personal and family errands easier, exercise or take more naps, learn new skills like playing an instrument or second language, and ditch the blazers and dress pants because there’s no dress code.

There’s a lot of science to validate the benefit of more work-life balance, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand the advantages. As long as you’re self-reliant, responsible, and can practice professional time-management skills, we’ve got a great solution for your desire to control more of your lifestyle.

Become part of our At-Home Workforce, Apply Today!

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