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To WfH, or not to WfH, that is the Question!

Let your job make your schedule, fight traffic week after week – flushing money into gas, sacrifice life events to work, OR “Home, Sweet Home!”? You Decide.

You deserve more. You deserve what we offer.

Anyone can benefit from the luxury of working-from-home.

Parents that schedule their work around their lives have more time to spend with their kids; recitals, soccer practices, cheer competitions, football games – covered.

Just about everyone wishes they had more time, if nothing else, to spend with family and friends – whether going out, hosting events, or simply dropping by to check on someone special.

What if you could work and not have to sacrifice any of these things to do it, wouldn’t you?

Genesis is a Work-From-Home (Telecommute) Call Center and offers career solutions - not just a job - that will provide you with the flexibility, freedom, and control to take advantage of all these things and more.

Our Agents control their own schedules through a convenient mobile app and spend their days however they wish. They represent large brands and earn stable pay without missing the things that matter. They have families, friends, and dreams just like you, and they deserve more time to pursue them - so we offer that.

Start taking control of your work situation!

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