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The Top Home & Appliance Repair Service Provider

Seeking Agents to provide services for the top appliance repair service provider in the country, performing more than seven million repairs annually and thousands of professional technicians dispatched nationwide.

Service Type: Customer Service, Technical Support, & Sales

Work Commitment: 15-hours per week or more

Weekend Requirements: None.

Schedule Availability: M-Sat.; 7AM - 10PM EST

Schedule Structure: Agent Makes Own Schedule

Certification Availability: 3 Weeks; M-F; 4-hours/day

Pay Rate: $10.25/hour

Perks: Insurance Options | Paid Certification | Paid Time-Off | Advancement

Position Description: Thoughtfully respond to inbound calls from customers having issues with their laundry, kitchen or bath appliances; leverage client diagnostic system to help resolve issues presented by the caller, ultimately helping callers to avoid having to schedule a technician appointment; use active listening skills to understand the customers’ needs. Leverage soft selling techniques as needed to promote additional products and services, including home warranty and home improvement services; put forward best in class service to customers, gaining their loyalty to the client.

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