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Seeking Agents to provide services for the top multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its global online trading marketplace platform.

Service Type: Customer Service & Sales

Work Commitment: 15-hours per week or more

Weekend Requirements: 3 hrs serviced on Sat. and/or Sun., & Fed. Holidays

Schedule Availability: 7-Days per week; 8AM - 1PM EST

Schedule Structure: Agent Makes Own Schedule

Certification Availability: 2 Weeks; M-F; 2-hours/day

Pay Rate: $10.00/hour

Benefits: Insurance Options | Paid Certification | Paid Time-Off | Advancement

Position Description: Assist client customers who use the client’s platform to sell their goods, requiring, but not limited to - Understanding the benefits of a client store, Understanding store subscription levels and fees, How to create a store; Occasional outbound calls may be required to follow-up on issues; Answering emails from client high value customers; Delivering an extremely high level of sophisticated customer handling and communication; Expressing a significant capacity to troubleshoot all products related to the client platform and clear solutions or recommendations; Owning customer issues to the point of resolution, keeping customers updated throughout; Ensuring all information related to customer issues are logged and tracked; Providing a quick and thorough understanding of customer priorities & identify key improvement areas; Understanding the customer’s needs & acting with the customer in mind; Advocating and ensuring satisfaction of the high value group; Up-selling, cross-selling and account retention services; Deliver timely judgements to resolve client problem and retain satisfied customers.

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