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Work Hard, Play Harder!

Our Agents represent some of the most exciting and renowned companies in their industries, bolstering their brands through every customer interaction. They solve problems, help customers, and make a difference in the lives of others each day. Their work is challenging, but meaningful and rewarding.

But who wants all work and no play?

Our Agents deserve rest and relaxation for the work they do. So, Genesis is an official travel partner of Westgate Resorts, providing vacation experiences and memories like never before.

One of the benefits of being a Genesis Agent is access to our exclusive Westgate Resorts inventory, promoting self-care at discounted rates. We believe that True Work-Life Balance starts with self-care. That means time away with family and friends, making memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to achieve that than periodic luxurious stays and events?

According to, less than 49% of household’s plan for vacation, but 51% of those that do plan take a week or longer. That’s why our vacation program promotes the ownership or company use of Westgate Resorts timeshares. Westgate Resorts timeshares not only promote planning for vacation, they secure memorable accommodations in one week increments to do so. Couple this with the fact that Genesis Agents manage their own schedules and earn week-long Paid Time-Off, and workplace rejuvenation is simply a matter of time.

We’re proud of our partnership with Westgate Resorts and the self-care resources that come with it. That’s why we widely offer exhilarating events and stays to sample our company vacation benefits. Each sample is a one-time offer that includes participation in a 90-minute timeshare presentation to demonstrate the benefits of Westgate Resorts ownership - no purchase or commitment required. We hope that timeshare turns out to be your thing and you enjoy it, otherwise just enjoy the rest of your stay!

You can view and take advantage of Genesis Vacation Benefit samples on our Facebook Offers Page. We hope that they motivate you to transition to a more flexible career path alongside our many Agents servicing across the country, but more importantly that they promote Work-Life Balance regardless of your current lifestyle.

Here’s to working hard, but playing harder!

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