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Servicing Tips

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

By: Jennifer R. (former Genesis Agent & Specialist)

Hello Agents, here are some tips that I use when servicing. Hopefully, they can be helpful to you as well and help improve your metrics:

1. Load all systems at least 10 minutes before you start servicing.

-VPN, Citrix, Portal Chatroom, and Avaya

2. When loading Avaya, don't login until 1-2 minutes before your interval starts

3. Take notes from the chatroom.

-I use Google Docs to copy and paste questions and answers

that are asked in the chatroom. To me it's much easier than

trying to remember info or write it all down. It's my own

personal reference guide!

-I also use Google Sheets full of notes/key points I took from

my certification course, and also my reference guide from my

client, so I don't have to go looking/clicking through a lot of


4. Check Starmatic to verify when your shift ends just to make sure

you don't log out too early and to avoid "No Show" minutes.

-I also write my schedule down on a calendar and have it near

my desk, but I still check just to be sure I have it correctly.

Happy #Servicing!

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