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Accessing Arise Support

Accessing Tech Support

In order to get to tech support or any of the different supports

offered by Arise, you have to go through AVA. AVA (Arise Virtual

Assistance) is an artificial intelligent agent who can assist with

complex questions. But, sometimes she doesn't have the exact

answer you need and leaves you needing more assistance.

Here are the steps you can take to get further assistance:

1. Once you log into the Arise Portal, to the top right you will hover

your mouse over Support, and click on Arise Virtual Assistant.

2. A new window will populate where you can chat with AVA.

3. Depending on your issue, you may have to "trick" AVA just to

bypass her and get to a tech.

-Type "Avaya is not working"

-Select "Yes I'm signed in to the VPN"

-Select "Siren or fast busy signal"

-Select "Transfer me to a Tech Support Chat Specialist"

-Type your current issue into the chat box, then Chat Now

4. You may also call Tech Support at 877-276-6458, it's 24/7.

Accessing Partner Support

1. Once with AVA, type in "Starmatic issue"

2. Select "Why is Starmatic showing me as a no show"

3. Select "Transfer me to a Partner Support Chat Specialist"

4. Type in your current issue, then Chat Now

-Hours are M-F: 8AM-12AM EST

Accessing an Enrollment Specialist

1. Once with AVA, type in "How to drop a certification course?"

2. Select "Yes I already submitted payment"

3. Select "Transfer me to an Enrollment Specialist"

4. Type in your current issue, then Chat Now

-Hours are M-F: 8AM-12AM EST

note: regardless of whether these are the specific issues you're having, you can follow these steps to bypass AVA and get chat support in whichever category you need it.

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