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The Leading Provider of Telemedicine

Seeking Agents to provide services for leading provider of managed services to health organizations.

Service Type: Customer Service

Work Commitment: 20-hours per week or more

Weekend Requirements: 4 Hours on Sat./Sun.

Schedule Availability: M-F; 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Schedule Structure: Agent Controls Schedule

Certification Availability: 2 Weeks; M-F; 4-hours/day

Pay Rate: $9.50/hour

Benefits: Paid Training Program | Paid Time-Off | Insurance Options | Advancement

Position Description: Answering billing questions; Taking/scheduling payments; Assisting with disputed billing codes; Providing duplicate invoices; Explaining Medicare coverage; Assisting new or existing client patients in a friendly courteous manner when processing requests for consultations with client physicians; Assisting client patients to reset their login/passwords, troubleshoot their client profile and mobile app and if need be, escalate to create ticket in Salesforce for client; Making callbacks using the outbound procedure when required by client or patient as a follow up; Familiar with HIPAAand other applicable healthcare laws and regulations.

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