Welcome to the Cap-Americans!! (Welcome Letter)

Hello and welcome to all Agents in the Genesis Family! I am excited to have you become a part of the Cap-Americans Team, and I am "With you 'til the end of the line" - Captain America. For my Marvel Universe enthusiasts! I am obsessed

with Marvel and Disney so expect some references when we meet!

I was born in Darlington, SC (a big deal if you are a NASCAR fan). I currently reside in the neighboring city of Florence, SC were I dote on my beautiful niece, accidentally annoy my older sister with sisterly love and create loving memories with my friends and family. I love to cook (went to culinary school for a spell) and you can find me over the stove obsessing about something!

I became a member of the Genesis family in 2013 servicing Disney Resorts Reservations, truly loving the chance to be involved in assisting clients in embarking on their dream vacation. All of us can find that at Genesis, where there are so many clients to choose from.

I was looking for a change and a place that I could be free to create my own schedule and really enjoy what I was doing i