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Welcome to #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork! (Welcome Letter)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Welcome #TeamWorkmakestheDreamWork Agents to our Genesis Family!

I’m Nikita and I have been so blessed to grow with Genesis since February 2018. I started out just like you as a front-line Agent providing support for one of the top tax prep companies - Intuit. In 2021 I transitioned into servicing calls for Home Depot. My journey with Genesis has been nothing short of Grace!

B.G. (Before Genesis), I worked in the dental field starting as a chair-side assistant in 2010 and left the field in 2018. The beginning of 2018, I found myself jobless, bills to pay, 3 amazing kids to support and an unsure future. That is until Genesis literally found me! I have found amazing support and camaraderie with the Genesis Family and am so glad you are joining us!

I was born and raised in San Diego, California and am the oldest of three. I currently reside in Yuma, Arizona with my amazing three beautiful children Ferrari, Enzo and Willie, and my husband Felipe.

I understand that we all have been in a season of transition and transition can be hard. My goal is to be a line of support for you as you venture on this new journey of working from home as a Front-Line Specialist. I absolutely love what I do and am excited to share that same enthusiasm with you! Your personal and professional goals and Dreams are not only important to me, but it is also important to Genesis.

As you can probably tell, my favorite motto is "Teamwork makes the DreamWork!"

Let's work together and turn our Dreams into reality!

Let me start by asking... "HOW CAN I HELP YOU"?


#The Sum is Greater Than the Parts #You Only Fail If You Stop Trying #Recognize your full potential #Leaders are Just Part of the Team

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