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Chose A Client-Check!- Paid for Certification-Check! NOW WHAT....?!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Are you waiting with EXCITEMENT for your Certification course to start...?

Anxious and wondering what you should do next??

Relax I got you covered!

  • Keep a lookout in your email from your instructor regarding any pre-work assignments (some courses do not require pre-work)

  • Make sure all of your banking info for direct deposit, address, phone numbers are all up-to-date with Genesis and the Arise Platform.

  • Review your clients opportunity guide and make sure to have ALL the equipment available and set up prior to class.

  • Keep in communication with your Agent Support Specialist (Nikita), as I am here to Support You!

  • Stay current with Our Team DreamWork and F2F Meetings! You never know what you may miss out on in Our Team Meetings. Remember F2F Meetings ARE MANDATORY!

Want to know more about what Genesis has to offer YOU?! CHECK OUT THE GENESIS WEBSITE!:)

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