Top 6 Certifying Advice!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020


It's easy to listen to the course instructor talk about the client and their system you will be utilizing. But the key to confirming our understanding of what is being taught is to PARTICIPATE throughout the course.

  • Instructor asks a question and you're not sure you have the answer? Raise your hand anyway and reply when called upon. You might surprise yourself! If you have the wrong answer, its OK, you'll be told the right answer.

  • Participate in group discussions and role plays. How else are you going to learn how to interact with a customer if you don't get the practice and advice before hand?Remember Certification is a safe place to give wrong answers and stumble over a few words during role play. IT GETS EASIER, I PROMISE! :)

Certification Advice #2: GET CONNECTED!

GET CONNECTED with your classmates! Who better to practice your new learned skills and role play than with someone who is on the same learning path as you?

  • Exchange emails (mobile, if comfortable) and set up a practice/discussion after class! :) Your classmates, once certified, will be your teammates! Work together towards a common goal, creating stories of success!

Certification Advice #3: USE YOUR RESOURCES!!