Lean...Show Me...(the next)...Huckleberry!

How To Achieve:

It's simple! Service! Service! Service!

What are you waiting for?! #ShowMetheMoney$$

How To Achieve:

Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Are you Committed to servicing your scheduled intervals? Or are you constantly releasing and swapping?

What does your Commitment Adherence Average out? Is it 85%? Is it 95%?

It's never too late to up your servicing liability!

Get COMMITTED to raising your CA% and YOU could be the NEXT #LeanOnMe! Winner!

How To Achieve:

Commitment! Commitment! Commitment!

Oh yea! Major Dedication to....

Servicing your scheduled intervals!

Commit and Adhere and YOU could be the NEXT #I'mYourHuckleberry Winner!!


1-week vacation stay at the company property in Orlando!!!!