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Avaya Tips & Advice

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Big Thank you to an amazing Dreamer by the name of Lori that has put together this article on Avaya Tips & Advice to share with our Genesis Team!

- Nikita


Nikita asked me to put together a few Tips on Navigating Avaya and all of its quirks. It took me a while to figure it all out, but now I can manage my time much better.

I thought that putting this together in a timeline of sorts might make it easier for everyone to process.

Here goes…

  • Once a week, clear your cookies. I do it before I service every Sunday. It becomes a habit, and it certainly helps.

  • On the days that you service:

  1. Close all unnecessary apps and programs. Avaya doesn’t like to share.

  2. Open Avaya, but do not dial in until you are ready to service. If I am servicing at 1:30 PM, I don’t dial in until 1:28 PM or 1:29 PM.

  3. Once connected, AutoIn IMMEDIATELY! Do not sit in Aux, it will impact your metrics.

  4. Make all of your notes while on the phone with your customer. Do not go into aux to make notes.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell the customer to bear with you as you are making notes…they will appreciate your attention to detail on their behalf.

  1. During the last call of your shift, click on Aux. It will automatically start the disconnect process when your call ends.

  • When the call ends, IMMEDIATELY disconnect and exit Avaya.

Use Sticky Notes to transfer call notes into the history.

Here is how I use my sticky notes. You can see where I copied my notes into the history.

Use Word to archive shift notes.

At the end of my shift, I copy all my notes for the day into a word document and save them by date. If there is ever a question regarding my documentation, I have it on file.

Disclaimer: Omit Sensitive Information

I hope this was helpful.

- Lori

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