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Servicing Contracts

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The Statement of Work (SOW)

The SOW is a legally binding contract between Genesis and the client delivered through the Arise platform. It serves as the direct business-to-business link between Genesis and the client in regard to specific call center services.

Genesis utilizes the SOW to identify and direct an Agent to a program in order to provide client services on behalf of the Call Center. Genesis Agents do not receive, own, sign, authorize, or approve SOWs; clients address and send them to Genesis as a call center service request. Genesis then receives, interprets, signs, and maintains all SOWs and encourages Agents to focus on meeting certification and servicing requirements.

Once Genesis receives an SOW for services, Genesis Contract Compliance initiates the CSA Production Process. This process begins approximately two weeks or more before Agents begin taking live calls.

What is the Client Service Agreement (CSA)

The CSA is a legally binding contract between Genesis and the individual Agent. The CSA outlines the program specific contractual servicing obligations to the Agent and includes, but is not limited to, performance expectations, hours of service, pay rates, and service level metrics of the client opportunity that the Agent has agreed to undertake. Genesis and the Agent sign and maintain the CSA.

Genesis Contract Compliance produces the CSA through the production process and delivers it to the Agent approximately 1 - 3 days before the effective date (the date live call taking begins).

The CSA is typically effective for three to four months and automatically terminates at its expiration date. Prior to one CSA expiring, a new CSA is sent to each Agent for continuous services based on performance and client demand. New CSAs may include minor service request modifications based on client needs.

Genesis can terminate the CSA for the following reasons:

1. Breach of the terms of the CSA or related agreements (Genesis SOP)

2. Engagement of unprofessional business practices

3. The underlying agreement between Genesis and the client is terminated

Genesis digitally sends the CSA for review and signature. Once signed, both parties receives a copy of the final document via email. After the Agent's first pay date, the CSA and all other administrative documents are uploaded into an individualized Agent Folder through the Genesis share drive via G-suite. Once established, Agents can access their Agent Folder by following these instructions --> Agent Folder Video Instructions.

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