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The Genesis Recognition Program

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

As an Agent, you and the rest of the Team do great work for our company, clients, and the consumer community. So we highlight Agent performance through an announcement of Top Team & Star Agents during a Genesis Pinnacles Ceremony.

Star Agents are acknowledged by being awarded one of the following four awards based on the previous month’s metrics:

Award Criteria.

Honorees are selected in accordance with the following award criteria, based upon the degree of demonstrated Agent and Team excellence and the impact of the honoree’s actions toward contributing to Company objectives. Strong nominees rank high in a combination of the metrics below.

All awards are based on a point system that directly relates to the overall ranking of the Team or Agent within that category and criteria. Metrics are measured quarterly, bi-quarterly, or annually for the purpose of recognition. These metrics are converted into point values to quantify the efforts of all Agents.

The two award categories are:


  • Considers the consolidated effort of all assigned Agents

  • Acknowledges the effort of Agents as a collective group


  • Acknowledges the individual efforts of an Agent

  • Contributes to a Team award, but not dependent on it

Top Gun Award (Team)

Top Gun

A Top Gun Team demonstrates the strongest dedication to the Genesis Call Center mission and the customer care services we provide, which in turn contributes the most to the vibrancy of the Genesis Community (Company, Employees, Agents, Clients, Partners, and Customers).

Scoring for this award is a combination of category values.

The Team with the most points from the following criteria will be deemed the Top Gun:

  • Average Commitment Adherence %

  • Average Priority Commitment %

  • Total Intervals Serviced (Standardized)

  • Retention Rate

  • Elevated Agent Level Bonus (ADD):

    • Diamond = 10 pts x Population %

    • Platinum = 8 pts x Population %

    • Gold = 6 pts x Population %

    • Silver = 4 pts x Population %

    • Bronze = 2 pts x Population %

Agent Awards:

I’m Your Huckleberry.

I'm Your Huckleberry.

A Huckleberry Agent is recognized for scoring the highest Commitment Adherence Percentage, demonstrating superior servicing reliability.

Lean on Me

Lean On Me

A Leaning Agent is recognized for scoring the second highest Commitment Adherence Percentage, also demonstrating superior servicing reliability as a runner up.

Show Me the Money!

Show Me the Money!

A Money Agent is recognized for servicing the most amount of intervals, demonstrating the utmost dedication and hard-working spirit!



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