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Understanding Your Priority Commitment (PC)

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hi Team! This article is going to help you understand Priority Commitment and how it affects you as a servicing Agent.

First, What is Priority Commitment?

Priority Commitment (PC) – the number of intervals an Agent serviced compared to the number of intervals the Client Service Agreement (CSA) requires.

Each client requires Agents to work a certain amount of intervals/hours per week in combination with weekend work requirements, or other special work requirements.

For Example: This client requires 30 intervals (15 hours);15 intervals (7.5 hours) of the 30 intervals are required to be worked on the weekend (defined as Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in the example below).

What is "Good Standing"?

“Good Standing” – Genesis requires all Agents to continuously practice professionalism while servicing within their selected client position. Agents that fail to meet the minimum Genesis standards for servicing a client are subject to removal from the Genesis Call Center. Genesis Agents are classified as in Current and Overall Good Standing when upholding the respective combination of the following service metrics:


i. Current PC - a 14-day average of 95% or higher as of the review date. 

ii. Overall PC - an average of 95% or higher over a date review window.

Reference: Standard Operating Policy Page 4

In the Arise Portal, Starmatic lets you know when you’ve met your PC requirement. 

Factors that can influence PC:


  1. It may seem obvious, but important to note that if you release, drop, or swap an interval, your PC will drop if the total amount of intervals actually serviced is below the minimum requirement.

  2. When you experience Technical Issues, that interval is considered not serviced and it drops your PC, regardless of the issue or even a Tech Ticket.  Therefore, you have to pick up an interval to make up for it at a different time and service it; this is assuming your total amount of intervals has dropped below the minimum requirement.

By not working your Contracted work schedule, the  Adjusted Pay Rate will be applied to your pay invoice and the pay rate during a pay cycle will scale downward for every interval below the minimum requirement. To avoid an Adjusted Pay Rate, simply service your minimum intervals.

For more information regarding Adjusted Pay Rates, please review page 11 of the Agent Compensation Packet.

Tips For Maintaining Your PC:

  1. When in doubt, review your Client Service Agreement with Genesis for your servicing requirements.

  2. Be sure to work your weekend, holiday and peak requirements (when applicable).

  3. When you run into technical issues prohibiting you from servicing, be sure to go to Arise Support for a waiver (only applies to CA), and service additional intervals to make up for time lost.

  4. Utilize the Starmatic Reports as a tool to check for No Shows. If you see No Shows, make sure they are made up by servicing additional intervals within the same pay period.

  5. Having a difficult time selecting intervals, work with your QAPF to improve your call taking skills for better pre-select.

  6. At your maximum interval selection? You can still select to service urgent intervals.






Please reach out to your respective Agent Support Specialist with additional questions! We are here for you and am more than happy to get you where you need to be!

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