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Welcome Superstars

My name is Aichel. I am your Support Specialist with Genesis. I have been with Genesis since 2020. I have supported a few clients, yet Home Depot is where it all began. I began as a front-line agent providing phone support for Home Depot. Genesis provided essential support that helped me excel with the client and Genesis.

My career began in Distribution and Logistics as an entry-level employee. I quickly moved up the employee ladder and made it to management at a young age. I love to learn and share my knowledge with others. My career provided insight into our needs as agents, the needs of the customers, and client expectations. I have seen how customer service is in everything in its own way. It is our responsibility to adapt accordingly.

I am happily married for 20 years to my husband Richard. We raised five lovely children in CT, who became beautiful adults. After 20 years in the industry and my children had grown up, I decided to invest in myself and return to school. I completed my associate degree with hard work, dedication, and family support. As we all know life changes in an instant.

The pandemic set us on a new path, we weighed our options, and we ended up in NC. Going into the workforce with the worries of the pandemic was challenging. There are many things to consider, and the fear of scams made it challenging to decide. We came across Genesis and took the risk. Genesis has gained my trust and my loyalty. They have shown me you can obtain a steady income working from home while learning and implementing new ways to provide support.

My interpretation of a team is Together we will adapt and overcome. Everyone provides their skills and ideas. Achievements will come quickly and will surpass other teams. More accountabilities will allow us to provide superior service to our clients. We all have unique abilities. As a team, our uniqueness comes together to make our weaknesses stronger uniting our strengths to make team Superstars. Remember you are valued; you are the face of Genesis.

I promise to give you the support and guidance you need to succeed. All I ask is your commitment to invest in yourself to become Genesis Superstars.

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