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Commitment Adherence

What is Commitment Adherence (CA)?

Commitment Adherence (CA) is a measurement of reliability. In other words, it measures the amount of time (intervals) you posted into your Starmatic work schedule and how much of that time you actually worked.

Think of Commitment Adherence as your "Work Attendance" Report Card.

Genesis considers CA one of the most important metrics for each Agent to maintain. The base Genesis standard for a 30-day CA average is 90%; however, a higher Client Service Agreement (CSA) requirement supersedes this base standard.

The formula to calculate CA% is:

CA = (Serviced Minutes - Excused Non-Serviced Minutes) / (Posted Minutes + Released Minutes)

Think of every interval you schedule like a quiz toward your CA Report Card. When you log in on time and work the entire shift, you receive a 100% for that quiz. If you log in, say, 5 minutes late or log out 5 minutes early, you receive an 83% (25 intervals / 30 intervals = 0.83) for that quiz. Your CA% is your grade over a 30-day window.