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Commitment Adherence

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

What is Commitment Adherence (CA)?

Commitment Adherence (CA) is a measurement of reliability. In other words, it measures the amount of time (intervals) you posted into your Starmatic work schedule and how much of that time you actually worked.

Think of Commitment Adherence as your "Work Attendance" Report Card.

Genesis considers CA one of the most important metrics for each Agent to maintain. The base Genesis standard for a 30-day CA average is 90%; however, a higher Client Service Agreement (CSA) requirement supersedes this base standard.

The formula to calculate CA% is:

CA = (Serviced Minutes - Excused Non-Serviced Minutes) / (Posted Minutes + Released Minutes)

Think of every interval you schedule like a quiz toward your CA Report Card. When you log in on time and work the entire shift, you receive a 100% for that quiz. If you log in, say, 5 minutes late or log out 5 minutes early, you receive an 83% (25 intervals / 30 intervals = 0.83) for that quiz. Your CA% is your grade over a 30-day window.

Obviously, for any No Shows you receive a 0%. But, if you drop a shift within 48 hours of its start time (this is called the Lock-Down Period), it's treated like a No Show and you also receive a 0%. Therefore, you want to "Swap" the interval within this window instead. Swapping is the same as not having to take the quiz at all. It does not impact your grade.

Commitment Adherence is calculated based on a rolling 30-day average. Therefore, the "As Of" date for any CA metric includes data from the date to 30 days before. For example, a CA metric as of February 1st will include the average of all daily CA calculations from approximately January 1st - February 1st.

Follow the Starmatic Reports Guide to generate your CA or Servicing Reports.

To effectively manage your CA, you should:

1. Only schedule/post hours that you can service on time and entirely.

2. Service what you post OR release your hours BEFORE the 48-hr Lock-Down Period to allow others the opportunity to service those hours.

3. If you are not able to release intervals before the Lock-Down Period, SWAP them and allow others the opportunity to service that time. Remember, hours dropped within the Lock-Down Period are treated like No-Shows.

Other helpful tips:

1. Download and use the Starmatic Mobile App [Android | Apple] to make, monitor, modify, and set reminders for your schedule. The Starmatic Mobile App allows you to schedule intervals from your smartphone, receive schedule reminders, and synch your Starmatic schedule with your smartphone calendar.

2. Print your schedule as a reminder.

3. Log into an application 5-10 minutes early just in case you have small technical issues.

4. Log into the telephony switch (VCMS/AVAYA) 1-2 minutes prior to a shift to allow for any delays with VCMS or AVAYA.

5. Set Starmatic to reflect your local time zone. However, be aware that Eastern Time is used for purposes of daily hours tracking and VSC service calculation regardless of the time zone you set.

6. Monitor your CA% data weekly (Instructions) and report any discrepancies to Partner Support for an incident ticket. Data may take up to 3 business days to fully update. Incorrect scores that have not updated within 3 - 4 business days indicates an issue you need to report to Partner Support.

Additional information

Your CA is only negatively affected by scheduling hours and not servicing them or releasing them within the Lock-Down Period (48-hrs prior to service). Releasing intervals before the Lock-Down Period or "Swapping" them during the Lock-Down Period does not impact CA.

You can only "Release" hours prior to the Lock-Down Period. Releasing hours does not affect your CA, but will impact your PC if your total serviced intervals drops below the minimum required for that week/pay cycle, in accordance with the respective CSA.

You can only "Swap" hours during the Lock-Down Period. Swapping hours does not affect your CA. However, if you cannot swap your intervals, you are still obligated to service them and will be marked as a "No Show" if not serviced.

Agents marked as a "No Show" receive a significant negative impact to their CA% regardless of the circumstance. It's the same as receiving a 0% on a quiz.

While the Genesis Standard for 30-day CA is 90%, you are encouraged to maintain a higher average to account for unpredictable events that can negatively impact your metric profile. The higher your CA%, the more your metric profile can handle negative influences, and the more flexibility you will have in your servicing schedule.


FAQs and Additional Tips.

How do I submit an Interval Waiver Request?

Interval Waivers are now automatically applied when Agents contact Technical Support. Agents should monitor their CA through the Arise App, Team Boards, and Starmatic Reports. If an Agent thinks their CA is incorrect for any reason, they should contact Partner Support as soon as possible to report the error and request an incident ticket.

If the incident ticket results in Excused No-Show Minutes being posted for the lost time, Genesis Agents can qualify for Technical Waiver Compensation by completing a Pay Request. Agents can monitor the status through Starmatic and must include a screenshot of the respective Starmatic Report showing the Excused No-Show Minutes applied. Compensation is based on the total Excused No-Show Minutes properly applied.

What if I get sick, have a power outage, or something prevents me from working?

The minimum CA requirement is set at 90% rather than 100% to allow for these type of unpredictable events. Whenever possible, release intervals before the 48-hour Lockdown Period and Swap intervals that you cannot work. If these efforts fall short, Agents can also request a "Courtesy Waiver."

What are Courtesy Waivers and How Do I Request Them?

Emergencies happen and may prevent Agents from servicing, swapping, or releasing intervals outside of the Lock-Down Period, which is understandable. They are unpredictable and usually uncontrollable. For these types of situations, Agents can create a Courtesy Waiver using their Arise profile by contacting AVA and following the instructions provided (search "Courtesy Waiver"). Agents are allotted two Courtesy Waivers per month.

How do I release or swap intervals during an emergency?

Here are several ways to release or swap intervals:

  1. Use the Arise Mobile App

  2. Log into Starmatic from the Arise Portal from any available connected device.

  3. Call Central Ops: 1-877-276-6458

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