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Dis-Oriented? From beginner to refresher Agent!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023


He're some Orientation Webinar Breakdowns!

First off, don’t let the word “Orientation” trick you into thinking these webinars are ONLY for NEW Agents. That is absolutely false. Agent Corner Webinars are a great tool for NEW AND SEASONED Agents!

Here's a simplified breakdown of the Orientation Webinars available to you.

Preparing For Certification: “GET STARTED HERE”

Certification Overview and Tips

This webinar covers how to prepare for certification, what to expect, and some helpful tips.

The video is 4 min and 24 seconds

Certification Waiting Periods

Do you want to know...?

  • Can you pick up more than one client?

  • What happens if you decide to transition from one client; can you pick up another?

  • What's the difference between your Client Service Agreement (CSA) ending or terminating?

Watch this 6 min and 15-sec video!

Certification and Knowledge Management

This video details the different areas of support provided to YOU, the Agent.

Workstation Requirements

Not sure if your computer system is compatible or you need to purchase one?

How about landlines and what kind of phone systems are acceptable?

Watch this 2 min and 31 sec video!

Certification Almost done?

Just became a Certified Agent?

Need a quick refresher as a Seasoned Agent?


Commitment Adherence

What’s this talk about CA? Why does my Agent Support Specialist keep referring to it? What are Metrics?

Watch this very helpful video on understanding metrics and why they are important to YOU! 7 min 55 sec

Performance Facilitators-

Does your Agent Support Specialist keep asking if you met with a QAPF and you have no idea what they are talking about? Or, you notice your client-specific metrics are not where you'd like them to be and you want to improve them?

Watch this 8 min 55 sec about what a QAPF is; Their role; and how they can HELP YOU.

STAR Program

Do you want the secret to picking intervals first to set your preferred schedule? Do you want to maximize earning performance incentives?

Watch this 6 min and 27 sec video!

G-SUITE (Video)

Genesis is a proud G-suite company. Everything from invoices to Administrative and Tax Documents is uploaded through G-Suite products. Confused on where and how to access this information?

Watch this 4 min 26 sec


Time Management not your strong suit? Forgetting you have to work intervals on a specific day? Keep missing the date and time of your scheduled releases and cap lifts?

Watch this 11 min :26 sec video

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