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FAQ#1: Full or Part-Time

Genesis Agents make their own schedules - seriously - and are only required to work a minimum requirement each week, which is typically about 15 hours. But Agents can work as many hours above the minimum as they desire, and even scale their amount of working hours from week-to-week to meet their lifestyle and income goals.

Once you become a servicing Agent, you will use our scheduling tool (Online Dashboard or APP) to make your schedule for the upcoming weeks. Even still, you will have options to modify your schedule with the expectation and responsibility of ensuring that you maintain your minimum amount of hours per week and keep to your schedule accurately - unexcused "no showing" is unprofessional and against our company standards.

Therefore, you can work part-time with as little as 15 hours per week, or full-time with as many above 40 or more as you like.

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