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Thanks For Attending!


Hey, I want to personally thank you for attending the webinar.  Whether you determine that Genesis is a good fit for your life goals or not, I appreciate the time you dedicated to listening to what we have to offer.


What happens next?


You decide.  Due to the nature of our Company, industry, and demand, deciding whether you become part of the Genesis At-Home Workforce or not is up to you.

If you decide not to join our Team, no further response is necessary and this will be the last message you receive from us.  And again, thanks for your time, best wishes to you, and stay safe.

But, if you do decide to join our Team, just know that we are the fastest growing telecommute call center to meet demand during these most uncertain times, and you can become part of something great . We pride our organization in offering a true Work-Life Balanced experience rather than just a typical 9-5; and we offer corporate incentives and advancement opportunities rather than just a dead-end job.

Setting up your Agent profile and getting enrolled into a certification course is the first step.  We pay for your course and offer a Paid Training Program as an investment in bringing you onto the Team - the rest is up to you!


Remember, only start if you're committed and meet all the equipment requirements. 


Kind regards,


Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson | Hiring Manager

Genesis Call Center, LLC

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