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Genesis FY23 Annual Service Industry Report

Updated: Apr 30

Genesis successfully concluded 2023 by taking advantage of opportunities in emerging industries and exceeding expectations for returning clients. This was achieved through a strategic plan that involved restructuring our team, providing more career advancement opportunities, and encouraging a higher commitment to delivering top-notch service. As a result, Genesis is now able to offer clients a wider range of services that enhance their brand image.

Genesis FY23 customer care transactions report consists of the following serviced industries in fields of customer service, technical support, billing, and sales:

  1. Electronic Security: General inquiries, billing questions, and account issue resolution for client products and services by identifying problems, researching answers, and guiding customers through corrective steps.

  2. International Emergency Response: Assisting foreign citizens requesting information during civil and national emergency situations.

  3. Retail: Customer service support, sales and inbound sales, sales support, order fulfillment, invoice inquiries, and more.

  4. Food Manufacturing: Communicate health benefits and related products to patients discharged from a medical care.

  5. Travel and Hospitality: Vacation booking, baggage claim, ticketing, and loyalty redemption.

  6. eCommerce: Customer support, returns/exchanges, order processing, membership, and billing/accounts receivable.

  7. Exercise Equipment Services: Omnichannel product and service support.

  8. Roadside Assistance: Customer service support and service provider dispatch for accidents and other roadside incidents, service provider coordination, and membership sales.

  9. Insurance: First notice of loss, policy setup and changes, and third-party claims.

  10. Utilities: Outage reporting, billing inquires and support, meter read issues, cross selling, and customer complaint support/resolution.

  11. Healthcare: Member enrollment, claims support, physician referral, appointment scheduling, and logistics management.

  12. Mass Media Entertainment Telecommunications: Subscription renewals, warranty support, billing inquiries and support, technical support, and troubleshooting.

  13. Financial Services: General customer service, application processing, issue resolution, consumer surveys, and new product launches.

  14. Technology: Product service support, technical support, and call routing.

  15. Luxury Design Services: Delivering elevated, modern luxury experiences, repair inquiries, order status management, and issue resolution.

  16. Medical Transportation: Assist members or their representatives requesting non-emergency medical transportation.

  17. Vacation Membership Exchange: Assist members in placing their wait-list requests for a resort, sell membership packages, and answer questions about the program.

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