Genesis Certification Pay

Updated: Feb 12


Certification Pay is a Genesis Sponsored Program that offers additional compensation to Team Members for performance at a rate calculated based on the classroom phase of the certification process. As you attend classroom instruction, you may notice that your non-Genesis peers do not receive compensation for their class time. Genesis is the only call center in the Arise Network that offers a certification pay program for Agents completing phase II of certification (live calls). Genesis Certification Pay is standardized across all client courses calculated by the rate of $8 per hour for approximately 40 hours of expected classroom time (Base Rate = $320). This means that regardless of the client for which you provide services, the base compensation for certification pay is the same for everyone.

Phase Breakdown.

"Phase 1" of the certification process is the e-classroom, instructor-led portion. During this phase, you will log into an online classroom platform during a fixed time to receive live instruction related to client system procedures through the hosting client or other 3rd-party facilitator. Each client course has a different curriculum, requirements, and process. However, they all include a Phase 1 which provides approximately 40 hours of classroom time over the course of one to four weeks. Traditionally, certification students do not receive pay during this phase as determined by the hosting client or other 3rd-party facilitator. Genesis Agents can receive additional compensation, pre-calculated based on an estimated amount of time spent in this phase, after phase II of the certification process to ensure compliance with federal tax guidelines. Phase I of certification is independent of Genesis and conducted by the hosting client or 3rd-party facilitator.

"Phase 2" (and sometimes Phase 3) is when Agents transition into taking live calls under the supervision of an instructor. This means that Agents begin applying the information learned during Phase 1 to actual customers, but still receive instructional feedback as needed. During this phase, Agents become qualified to sign a Client Service Agreement and conduct Phase 2 as a Genesis Agent. In addition, Agents begin learning to manage their own schedules. It becomes the Agent's individual responsibility to ensure he or she is scheduling and working the minimum certification requirements. Once an Agent takes their first live call, they enter a Genesis pay cycle. This occurs independent of the standardized paid training rate as Agents begin earning pay based on their specific client rate referenced in the Genesis Client Job Catalog.


In order to offer certification pay while remaining compliant with federal tax laws, Genesis aligns eligibility criteria with the minimum requirements to complete the certification process. Essentially, by going to class and working your minimum expected amount you will qualify. Genesis intends for all Agents to be compensated certification pay calculated based on an centralized estimate of their Phase 1 completion with respect to the entire certification process.

To remain qualified for certification pay, Agents must:

  1. Be enrolled in a standard client course as identified in the Genesis Client Job Catalog.

  2. Complete all phases of certification.

  3. Remain in "Overall Good Standing."

Procedures and Payment.

Although the base paid training amount is standardized at $320, Agents can earn a higher tiered amount by working additional intervals. Tier 1 earns $375 and Tier 2 earns the maximum $450.

In order to receive Certification Pay, Agents must:

  1. Submit a Certification Pay Request Form.

  2. Meet the eligibility criteria.

  3. Remain in Good Standing.


The Certification Pay transaction occurs after you have already entered a pay cycle, begun to earn wages, and started receiving pay invoices. Once you complete all phases of certification, Genesis will credit the Certification Pay transaction to the corresponding pay invoice. Since different classes have different lengths (ranging from one to four weeks), the actual timing for this compensation will vary depending on the course type.


For additional details on to the Genesis Certification Pay Incentive, see the official policy.